Inger Scharis develops original drama and adaptations for film and television in Swedish and English. She is especially fond of the genres suspense, crime, and drama.

As head writer, Inger has worked for every major broadcaster in Sweden – SVT, TV3, TV4, Kanal 5, and Viaplay – with more than 100 hours of broadcasted TV drama. She contributes to the screenwriting process with creativity and knowledge, experience and curiosity, work ethic, and good leadership. As a script doctor, she has an excellent ability to analyze a script and make it even better.

Inger’s passion for storytelling started at age four, and she sold her first short story at age 12. In the early 1990s, she began cinema studies, which earned her a Bachelor’s degree at Stockholm University. Parallel with her writing career, she also earned a Master’s degree in Science with a Major in Wildlife conservation. Her research is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and on BBC Earth.

Kontakta Inger Scharis
Pedagogisk erfarenhet
  • Vuxen
  • Spelfilm
  • TV-/webbserier
  • Adaption
  • Avsnittsförfattare
  • Dramaturg
  • Huvudförfattare
  • Manusgranskning, coach
  • Originalmanus
  • Undervisning
  • Workshop
  • Drama
  • Humor
  • Skräck/thriller/kriminal