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The Swedish Centre for Dramatic Writing, (in Swedish: Centrum för dramatik), assembles around 300 members, all professional playwrights, screenwriters and dramatic translators – writing for the stage, television, radio, film and new media platforms. The organisation was founded by members together with The Writers Guild of Sweden in 2005.

Examples of projects and activities 2021:

  • Writers Room – a project together with Film i Skåne for coaching new talents in writing their first long play film
  • New plays for Swedish School of the Arts, a project together with The Writers Guild of Sweden supplying amateur theatre schools with professional plays
  • Intense work with further training for playwrights and screenwriters: courses, exchange of experiences, networking
  • Contact forum with a directory of presentations of screenwriters/playwrights/dramatic translators
  • Advanced class in script writing software programme Final Draft

Welcome to use our network – we will help you to find the person you’re looking for among professional screenwriters, playwrights and dramatic translators working in Sweden. Please contact us with any inquiries!

E-mail: info(a)

Phone: +46-8-402 36 41, +46-8-411 74 53, +46-70-467 34 22

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